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About Us

Hi and welcome to the site. My name is Randall Harpham and I am the creator and developer of
randallharphamcreations.com. I have always been interested in computers, ever since I was a young
age. I started my computer career in1991 at Gateway Electronics Institute studying computer
programming. I studied many languages including Cobalt, C. C+, Assembler, Dbase, Dos, Advanced
Dos, Basic and more. I then went on educating myself in web design via the internet starting in 1998
and I have studied HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, MySQL, phpmysql, XML, Apache Servers and much

I also enjoy doing many other things such as furniture restoration, making videos, playing the drums,
restoring motorcycles, working on cars, trucks and many, many other things. Today I am 48 years old
and I have 4 wonderful children that I couldn't be prouder of. I absolutely love this life and everything in it.
My family consists of some other wonderful internet talents as well including both my younger and older
brothers and my uncle Alan which I can't thank all of these people enough for their inspiration and support.
I also would like to thank my girlfriend Sheryl for all of her understanding and support . . and last but should
be first my great friend Gene, Thank you Gene for all of your amazing feedback, inspiration and constant
support. You have been my greatest asset through the development of the site. I love and cherish you all.

Thank you, everyone !!!


Randall Harpham
Randall Harpham
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