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Randall Harpham Creations

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  Credits & Special Thanks

  The website has been one of my favorite projects to date, and it has taken alot of hard work to get it to where
  it is today. I have made many sacrifices in order to spend the time required to learn all the different things it
  takes to develope websites. I owe many thank you's to several people that without their time and contributions I
  highly doubt I would be where I am today.

    A Special Thanks Goes Out To

  Sheryl Hesseltine - Thank you for your understanding of my numerous late to all nighters spent working and
  learning. You have always listened and given me feedback even know my computer lingo at times isn't easily

  My children Erika, Jacob, Cheyenne and Bailey Harpham - You have all been what drives me everyday of every year
  and you all have been the reason that I do absolutely everything.

  Gene Hiner - A special thank you to one of my greatest friends, for all your input, suggestions and
  most of all your time. I can't ever thank you enough for all that you do and have done for me and RHC.