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  Website Design Services

  At Randall Harpham Creations we offer several different types of website Design Services & packages that are sure to fit most any budget.
  From one page websites to multi-page platforms, we provide a solution that will fit your site's needs & demands. Before we can build a
  website you must own a domin name and have hosting, If you do not we are willing to assist you.


Randall Harpham

  One Page Websites

  A one page website doesn't sound like much but, believe it or not it is a small & powerful answer when it comes to the potential
  of websites. Take this page for instance. It is one page, yet with the tabs in the pages layout. It works and has the functionality
  like it consists of multiple pages, but in reality that is not the case. One page can have many tabs and still only be one page so
  again, one page websites are sometimes a wonderful solution.


  A One Page Website includes: unlimited text and images in a one page layout that has up to 5 tabs. Click Here To see our,
  examples of a one page website.


  This package is


Randall Harpham

  2 - 20 Page Websites

  Multiple Page Websites consist of more than a single page website with 5 tabs. A Multi-paged website can have many pages
  with multiple internal links, tabs and navigation menues that inter-connect the website. It also can have multiple external
  hyperlinks to other sites as well. Each page has meta data that describes the sites information for the search engines and
  directories. Each website also comes with a site map also used by the search engines to display your site in web searches.
  Multi-Page websites consist of unlimited images and or videos and unlimited text.
  We charge $499.99 for the homepage and website's Layout then $99.00 per additional page, depending on it's functional
  requirements such as special programming.
  Contact Us for a free estimate on multi-page websites.

Randall Harpham

  Database Structured Websites

  Database Driven Websites are sites that store and or access data from a Database. A database can be used for many types
  of information and grow over time like with a user database, or it can be pre-entered data that is then querried or searched
  from a search form in like that of a search engine.
  Database Design We charge $19.99 an hour for Database design services

Randall Harpham

  Domain Name & Web Hosting Consultation

  We will consult you and or your team on purchasing a domain name and the how to's and what abouts in website hosting




  This Service is $99.99.