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Randall Harpham Creations

We will be open for business soon.

  About Us

  I am the developer and designer here at RHC. I have been designing websites off and on now for about the last 20 years or so, and I have loved every apect of it. I live and work in Lincoln Nebraska, where I have lived for the last 40 years.I am the father of 4 awesome children Erika, Jacob, Cheyenne and Bailey Harpham. My kids mean the world to me and they always, always will.

  I have just recently in fact, last month I changed the techniques that I use to develop & design with. Origanally I had used Microsoft Front Page back in about 2000, then I stepped up to using Microsoft Expressions Web 4. For years I have been studying PHP, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL and went ahead in making the change over.

College Education

In 1991 I attended Gateway Electronics Institute Lincoln Campus where
I studied computer programming until 1993. The languages that I studied
included Dos & Advanced Dos, Basic & Advanced Basic, Assembler, Cobalt
I & II, Dbase, Q-edit and more.

Randall T. Harpham

Self Education

In 1998 I continued to self-educate myself using text books and online
resources like Google, Udemy and many others. The areas I focused my
studies on where HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, MySQL, MySQLi,
phpMySQL, Apache Servers and much more.

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